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What can I say about my daughter, Dana? She loved being a kid at heart, and was a “free spirit”. She often told me, “mom, I never want to grow up!” She wanted to be like Peter Pan. At 53, she loved doing tricks on her bike, riding a skateboard, loved muscle cars and wanted a souped-up truck. Dana loved playing the drums and singing with her friends; Glen (drummer), Lori (singer) and Kevin and Stacy on the guitar. A free spirit with a big heart, Dana was an animal lover, feeding a squirrel she had named in the backyard every day along with the birds and Ducks. Family was so important to her and she adored her nieces and nephews. She loved swimming with them and playing with them. I have seen her give food and drinks to homeless and hungry people. I remember one day she wanted me to go to the Dollar Tree. She said she had to get toys and some candy for a little boy who lived in the project. She said his family was poor and he had no toys. He always ran up to her and said “this my friend” and jumped in her arms. This was before she brought him a gift. I took her there once a week. She would not let me get out the car and go with her. She was sad when he and his family moved away. She loved the outdoors so much. When Dana was a pre-teen, she lived with her Dad in Alaska. She rode a dirt bike, took Karate, camped out, went fishing, and water-skied. She and I loved to watch movies together and go to St Augustine, Disney World, out to eat and shop. I am going to miss my baby girl! But now she will always be young and live forever, just like Peter Pan!